The Client Who Rose Above

My client didn’t need the money.  He just liked to tinker.

Down at his rich guy club all the members had some useless, expensive hobby or other.  Cars, golf, women.  His was tinkering.

One day he came up with a widget of interest.  Then found a buyer – a manufacturer of gizmos that needed his widget.  Congratulations from all the big machers down at the club were followed by laughter when they heard his royalties amounted to only fifty cents per  widget sold. What kind of lame deal was that, ha ha?

Turns out, these widgets ended up selling in the millions.

So the client went right out and purchased his heart’s desire — a top of the line Beechcraft Duke airplane.  It was fun to fly, and a potent trophy of his success.  But something was missing.  The trophy was either in the air or in the hangar – never in his usual haunts.  Most people could not see this splendid achievement; and they still thought of him only as a wealthy dilettante.

Art by Adrian to the rescue!  We painted the client’s beloved Beechcraft airplane on his best leather jacket,  that he could wear anywhere.


Remember how WW II pilots would paint their government issue leather jackets with insignia of their squadron — Flying Tigers, The Fighting 64th, whatever — to show solidarity with their unit?  Well , this Italian leather jacket was kind of like that.  It not only kept close at hand a picture of his loved one, but it just incidentally announced solidarity with his unit — a tight little group of fellow flying enthusiasts of significant net worth.

This  jacket showing his airplane soaring above the clouds made a nice work of art.  Its side function as a  status announcement could be thought of as a bonus, if one is into that kind of thing.