Introducing RAT Comics


RAT COMICS Issue #1 – “RAT – Profession: Laboratory Test Animal”

Chapter 1 – Business As Usual  Roger the lab rat endures all kinds of torture in the name of research.
Chapter 2 – The Great Escape 
He escapes from the laboratory in spectacular fashion.
Chapter 3 –  The Jungle Out There  In the first of a series of adventures in the wide world,  he is rescued by another escaped rodent, the sybaritic Oliver Oncomouse.
Chapter 4 –  The Picture of Darian Grey  Catching a ride in the underwear of a stunning French model, he meets the wildly unsuccessful artist Darian.  They attend an elite social function.  Roger is finally whisked away to new adventures in the underwear of a beautiful gamine bicycle messenger.

(This issue: 39 page book, black and white. The action: picaresque. The subtext: satire.  Caveat: some passages may be of dubious propriety.)  For a copy, visit my store on Etsy :

RAT COMICS Issue #2 – “Rat Meets Dracula”


 Chapter 1 – Wall Street Week   In the underwear of his messenger hostess, Roger tours the sordid ins and outs of Wall Street.
Chapter 2 – Heart of Darkness  Tired of hard-nosed deals and hardbody lifestyles, Roger is taken with a continental woman of mystery — who turns out to be a vampire.
Chapter 3 – Sic Transit Transylvania  She carries him home in her underwear, to Dracula’s castle.
Chapter 4 – The Gathering Storm  The way of life in Transylvania, and in Dracula’s castle, is threatened by the invasive culture of a country named for Amerigo Vespucci.
Chapter 5 – The Final Solution  As tragedy unfolds at the castle,  Roger beats an exit in the underwear of a lovely young tourist, bound for further adventures.

(This issue: Pocket comic book, 78 pages in full color.  The action: picaresque.  The subtext: Satire.  Caveat: certain passages may be in questionable taste.)  Grab one, like they say, at

RAT COMICS Issue #3 – “RAT Finds Money Sex and Violence”moneysexviolence

Chapter 1 – Dress for Success  From the underwear of a scrappy, upwardly mobile new hostess, Roger Rat sees how it’s done.
Chapter 2 – The Glass Ceiling  A sharp business woman, she proposes to her greedy management a most attractive scheme to defraud employees of their retirement.  Management grabs the money; and gives her the boot.
Chapter 3 – R & R  After such a hard day, she goes home to her ineffectual husband, and to an unsavory dwarf she calls her personal assistant.  Roger goes to relax at the underground Hard Rat Café.
Chapter 4 – In God We Trust  Going into business for herself, Roger’s entrepreneurial hostess hijacks cash from a drug cartel, and is immediately arrested by the police.
Chapter 5 – Department of Correction  She serves time in what turns out to be a graduate school of white collar crime.
Chapter 6 – Capital Punishment  The larcenous lady moves up.  Roger moves out – and how!

(This issue: only on the Web for now. In full color.  The action: picaresque.  The subtext: Satire.  Caveat: certain passages may be of debatable probity.)  Rat Finds Money Sex and Violence can be read as a slide show on Facebook at
click on RAT COMICS #3

(Bonus on web: Each panel features an extra caption with the picture).

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