The Artist

San Francisco Bay Area, California, USA


Bio: Like my father and mother, all brothers and sisters, and even a nephew, I went to college at Berkeley. Then made a living for years in mathematics, most notably as research mathematician at Harvard.

Now working in art, I sometimes consider myself, though without title, as a research artist.

My art researches have been enthusiastically received by many people and by the press. Rave reviews from individuals appear on the Testimonials page of this site.  For laudatory professional evaluations, check out the Press Reviews.


2 thoughts on “The Artist

  1. Hi Adrian! I met you today by your gorgeous car outside of the vet and the coffee shop. I’m Kristin Acuña and I had the little dog with me. I just have to tell you what a treat it was meeting you. You are one of the most interesting people I’ve met in a long time and I really enjoyed our impromptu chat. Meeting you just really encouraged me to get out in the world more and to engage in life rather than sitting at home on the phone or watching TV. You taught me today to really take age out of the equation when meeting someone. Your artwork is wonderful- sexy and alive. I hope that I can be as hip and impassioned as you are one day! Fondly, Kristin Acuña


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