Wayback Portraiture

Yesterday it was suggested I paint nudes as they might have been 20 years earlier. This may not be as far out as it may seem. I am sure Lucien Freud’s models would welcome it. ( The artist must have his little joke )

My friend the stripper Tempest Storm kept her figure, and performed well into her 70’s. In her performances she successfully de-emphasized`any minor wrinkles and the ineluctable effects of gravity.

Tempest Storm

This is my 4’ x 8’ portrait of Tempest, painted for the Mitchell Brothers establishment, back in the day. In her performances years later, you would hardly notice a difference.

Without giving away any secrets, I could adopt some of her mojo while painting what was before me. Like a techie applying a filter to alter a photograph, I would apply a ”Tempest filter” as i worked.

Say, maybe I’m in business! To get started with a client list, I should perhaps ask Lucien Freud for referrals!