Enhancing the “Rolling Surf” Art Car – 3

My pencil visualization of mermaids disporting in the ocean with a sea creature, suggesting their undulations in the flowing waves…

MGmermaidsketchThe car’s seascapes now range in color from deep blue, like ultramarine, to a lighter blue with a green tint faded in.  It gives, I think, a  dramatic focus in these areas.  I foresee the mermaid tails, painted with a range of blue-greens, playing off the background waves’ color to a similar dramatic effect.

Mermaids are said to have no souls in their natural state.  And they are, one would assume, cold-blooded from the waist down.  I would paint them as such.  Show them as graceful and intelligent creatures — perhaps playing and swimming like dolphins  — but quite removed from humanity.

Their otherness might even have sinister overtones…..


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