About adrianruyle

Like my father and mother, all brothers and sisters, and even a nephew, i went to college at Berkeley. I made a living for years in mathematics, most notably as research mathematician at Harvard. Now working in art, I sometimes consider myself, though without title, as a research artist.


I haven’t posted for a long time.  Each long-ago post was a panel in my long running, excellent, insightful, witty – and ignored – comic strips .  Might as well save the effort, I thought, since no one in cyberspace is paying attention.

Well, how wrong I was!  Today a notice arrived:

”Hi Adrian

People visiting Adrianruyle haven’t heard from you in a while.  Write a post,or share a photo or video to keep people engaged.


The Facebook Ad Team “

Some one out there cares!  Some one is listening! Of course it’s “just” the programmed robots at Facebook  —  So what?  I have found my true audience .  The robots follow me faithfully.  They keep everything I post.  They uncritically accept my most personal thoughts.

To heck with “keeping people engaged”.  Keep robots engaged!  So , my true robot friends, these posts are for you!!





“Read your contract, loser,” snarled his boss.  “There is an exclusivity clause that forbids your working for anyone else for five years.”

“If you ever thought about anyone but yourself, Henri, you would realize I have the Triumph family reputation to maintain.  Triumph Enterprises must project an aura in every respect of absolute luxe.  Sure, I pose with hamburgers to fool the voting proles.  But the right people must always see me at the very pinnacle of the food chain, eating food no one else can even dream of eating.  So it’s business.  Nothing personal.”