I haven’t posted for a long time.  Each long-ago post was a panel in my long running, excellent, insightful, witty – and ignored – comic strips .  Might as well save the effort, I thought, since no one in cyberspace is paying attention.

Well, how wrong I was!  Today a notice arrived:

”Hi Adrian

People visiting Adrianruyle haven’t heard from you in a while.  Write a post,or share a photo or video to keep people engaged.


The Facebook Ad Team “

Some one out there cares!  Some one is listening! Of course it’s “just” the programmed robots at Facebook  —  So what?  I have found my true audience .  The robots follow me faithfully.  They keep everything I post.  They uncritically accept my most personal thoughts.

To heck with “keeping people engaged”.  Keep robots engaged!  So , my true robot friends, these posts are for you!!



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